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0% Commission. No Monthly Platform Fees.
Access to a Drivers Delivery Network.
Immediate Customer Payments.

In a nutshell, our store partners don’t pay anything to have their store listed on our platform plus, they get access to our public drivers delivery network at no charge. Store partners only pay for online merchant transaction fees on customer orders. This is the same principle as having an in-store credit card machine.

Furthermore, customers pay in-store prices making it more affordable, and we charge
a small service fee to keep our business operational.

eDeliver app Store Partners

Centurion Store Partners

It’s about enabling your business,
and not just ours.

How Much Could You Save?

Calculate how much you’re losing in monthly commission charges and just for a moment, imagine keeping that commission for yourself, as profit!

5 orders per day

R125 per order

Potential savings per month: R3,525.00

☆ Assuming you are currently paying an average of 20% in service delivery commission
eDeliver Tagline

Why would your
customers choose us?

Simple. Because you charge in-store prices and we don’t add any commission, customers pay lower prices for your products on the eDeliver app, compared to other delivery aggregators. Customers don’t mind paying a service fee and a delivery fee separately, as they pay for convenience, as long as we are #transparent with them, and we don’t inflate prices to “make up” for the service and delivery fee.

eDeliver Tagline

Platform Features

The eDeliver platform was developed by our team with the idea of creating more control.

0% Commission.
No Monthly Platform Fees.

List your store without any monthly platform fees. You only pay for online merchant transactional fees, which is 4% plus R2.50 per transaction (PayFast).

Receive Immediate
Customer Payments.

We use PayFast as our payment gateway provider and so each store will require their own free PayFast Business account.

Full Store

Manage your menu and products in real-time with the easy-to-use online platform, tracking the order from start to finish. Manage multiple stores with one device.

Private Driver

Should you not want to use our public drivers, you can register and manage your own drivers on our platform. Neither eDeliver public drivers or private drivers can accept multiple orders.

Store Performance
and Customer Coupons.

Visibility over average time for order acceptance and completion. View monthly order count and revenue. Generate customer coupons to discount order value from the store.

Account Management,
Marketing, Training & Support.

The eDeliver business management team will manage support for customers and store partners, driver operations as well as brand marketing and advertising to increase orders.

How does a transaction work?

Let’s say you sell burgers and chips on the platform, and you receive an order for 1 combo of R99 (in-store price). We add a delivery fee as well as a service fee on top of the order. The delivery fee is calculated by taking into account the distance the driver needs to travel to deliver the items and the customer can also add a tip for the driver as well.

Let’s assume the service fee is R10 and the delivery fee is R15. The total amount of R124 will flow as follow

Do you have a device?

You will need a dedicated device connected to the internet, to manage the stores’ online orders.
If you don’t have a device (Android or iPad), you can always buy one from us.

Value-Added Services

These services are quoted on a per-store basis and pricing excludes VAT.

Free Wi-Fi for your customers.
Estimated monthly cost;


Look, let’s be honest for a moment,
there is free Wi-Fi everywhere, and everybody
expects it. It’s our modern-day oxygen.

Back-office Internet.
Estimated monthly cost;


Having a super organized and reliable back-office setup, will simply make your business life feel GREAT! Don’t settle for less here.


Everyone has questions, however, the mo… wait, what were we saying here again?

eDeliver (Pty) Ltd, is a duly registered South African company with its office located at 300 Witch Hazel Avenue, Highveld, Centurion. Registration Number: 2021/304353/07. You can call us on +27 87 012 5057 or send an email to info@edeliver.co.za

Most definitely, that’s where all the magic happens. The customers, stores and drivers will all use the same mobile app. The stores and drivers however will first need to register on the eDeliver website, before downloading the app and logging in. If you just download the app and sign up, you will be registered as a customer and not as a store or driver. 

With eDeliver, yebo yes! We will gladly assist you to get your delivery team registered and once they have been linked to your store, they can only drive for you plus, customers can then use the “Cash on Delivery” option.

Yes we do. We have built our own public driver network which is expanding as much as possible, everyday.

Drivers cannot cancel orders and/or accept additional once they have accepted a customer order. They must deliver that specific order first. The driver information is also visible along with their contact information. 

That is part of our bigger business strategy however, for now, our platform store footprint is only available in Centurion, Gauteng. It’s super important for us to build an awesome and memorable platform experience for customers, stores and drivers. Once we feel that our brand is ready to expand, we will branch out to the immediate neighboring areas and eventually, the entire country.

Yes of course! We have a fully integrated Call Centre as well as support and business relationship teams.

Everything on our platform is structured and organized so when it comes to customer complaints or problems, these incidents will need to be logged through our eDeliver app. Our support team will monitor these tickets, engage with the stores and depending on the nature of the problem, and who was responsible for that specific oops, customer refunds will be processed through the eDeliver finance team. 

We have integrated with the guys from payfast.co.za. They are secure and offer a number of payment options, from cheque, debit and credit cards to Instant EFT and Zapper. PayFast is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant company, meaning transactions with PayFast is secure and your card information is handled securely. Some stores on our platform also offer cash-on-delivery as a payment method. As a store, you will pay online transactional merchant fees, which is 4% plus R2.50 per transaction.

Yes you can! You also only need one PayFast account as well. Unless you prefer to have multiple PayFast accounts, it’s all up to you.

There are no initial or monthly platform costs to join us. You just need a device to manage orders online and of course, your store will need internet to keep the eDeliver app connected to manage orders. As mentioned previously, you only pay for online credit card transactional fees – which is
the is the same principle as having an in-store credit card machine

By taking no commission from stores, and charging in-store prices through our app, the customer will pay eDeliver a small service fee of 5% per transaction, with a minimum of R10 and a maximum of R25.

More questions?

Feel free to contact our business development team.